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Experiments in Biology

The field of biology can offer great science experiments.  The area is also not too difficult to study and experiment because many experiments deal with effects of different things on plant growth.  There has been extensive research done already in this field.  These projects offer hands on experience to recreate some of this work.  Off course we can make any  experiment more difficult if that effect is desired.  There are many components in creating an actual experiment ranging from designing the experiment to writing the final report.  Scienceproject.com offers an easy to follow guide  for may projects involving biology.  Projects such as the effect of sound on plants and plants in different environments.  These project guides are designed by professionals, which is very helpful, as they are available for support.

The following is just one example of the wonderful projects featured on scienceproject.com


Green plants use the light energy for the process of photosynthesis. During this process carbon dioxide from the air will be absorbed and converted to sugar. 

Natural light contains many different wave length of light and is good for plant growth, however when we decide to use synthetic light we can choose different types of light sources with different colors or wavelengths of light.

Project description:
In this project you will investigate plant growth with natural light and a variety of synthetic lights. Determine if any specific type of light or color of light is best for plant growth.

Details of this project
More details or support for this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com web site. If you are worried that you can find the materials needed, don't worry!  Material needed for experiment or a science kit about this title may be available at MiniScience.com.

Science Fair Project Resources

  • ScienceProject.com
    ScienceProject.com is a source of information and support for students who want to take their science project to a higher level and show the applications of science in life, business and different industries. All students can become a member in order to view a project guide and get additional support on their projects.
  • MiniScience.com
    Gathering material needed for a science fair project has always been a challenge for students. MiniScience.com is an online store that provides many of the material that students need for their science projects. These material are sold individually or in the form of a science kit. Many of MiniScience.com products make perfect gift for intelligent and curious students.
  • KidsLoveKits.com
    KidsLoveKits.com also known as klk.com are alternatives to MiniScience.com focused on Science project kits and educational sets.
  • ChemicalStore.com
    Many science experiments require access to substances that are not easily available to most students. ChemicalStore.com is where students can obtain small amounts of chemicals at very low prices. 



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